CSC Sandica Torrevieja

Published on 11 February 2018 at 12:43

Today we were hosted by C.S.C. Sandica where we got friendly welcomed by a dutch speaking staff member who didn't start up with the whole hassle of filling forms, but just let us enjoy our smoke first and sign documents later after he made a copy of the passports. Unlike many other clubs, they have some educational posters and paintings going on. Sandica kind off reminded us off a cultural center, which gives it a pleasant atmosphere to chill in. The down - side was that after we got our weed from the weed dispensary window and went up to our table, we found that our table had not been cleaned at all. There were still cans of soda and bits and pieces of tobacco and weed all over the table. Putting that a side, we tried some Psycodelica, And some old school white widow After the bud-tender grabbed some weed out of what we believe was either a rice or a soup pan, we were amazed by the scent that the weed brought under our noses. The Psycodelica was without a doubt the strongest and most potent strain of both of them and surprisingly, as soon as the white widow was lighted, the place started to reek of some bad burned plant waste. But the flavor was not comparable with the scent and came out quite alright. A very good thing is that they offer a lot of entertainment facilities for their members and have a regular variety of about 6 strains and 3 hashes. The overall experience was alright. The strains weren't all to special but the Psycodelica made up a lot. Unfortunately choice of furniture made the place look a bit anti-social because they are very high and it feels like everybody is chilling in their own zone. But for the people who don't mind a little private zone to chill in and who are not worried about the potency and genetics of buds and just wanna get high, this place is an excellent place to get your head buzzing!!!! 

We would rate Sandica with a decent average 3 star rating.
Minimum Age 21
Membership fee: 5 euros per 6 months