CSC High Life

Published on 25 June 2019 at 12:40

High Life is probably the most high end looking club in the whole area. The hospitality of the staff gives you a feeling of exclusivity and makes you believe that you are a actual V.I.P. Alongside those pro's, they got strains other clubs couldn't imagine having in their vitrine's. The membership fee is very little and really worth your money. Have a look for yourself and be amazed by service and quality. If to be rated with stars, this would't definitely be a 5 star venue.

Glimpse of their exclusive menu
 Star Killer
 Sour Do si do
 Orange Sherbert
 Royal Dwarf
 Critical Somango
 Pineapple Kush
 Pineapple Haze
 Lemon Haze
 Sweet Candy
 Super Afghan Hash
 Isolator Skull OG

Membership Fee’s:
10 ,- 6 month’s 20 ,- 12 month’s
Minimum age: 21
We left the place without a doubt, baked as possibly can be!
Check it out!
Team Verde & The High Societies.

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