CSC 420 Green Experience

Published on 25 February 2020 at 12:22

green experience 420

4/20 is a very pleasant venue to hang out in. All though the strains aren't surprisingly overwhelming in numbers as at other places, they all managed to give a good high and a perfect trip. They offer some entertainment to their
members with multimedia like PS4 systems and the possibility to play your own music in other areas of the venue. The place looks very clean and the staff is very friendly. Pretty sure that if you buy some stash over there. you won't be disappointed!Which is also a nice fact about this club is that they organize a lot of events. Last year they hosted a masked ball.

A glimpse of their Menu
 Blueberry
 De La Lo Haze
 Yumbolt
 Green Poison
 Black Kush
 Blackberry
 Amnesia Haze

Minimum age: 21
Membership fee’s: varies per season

We will definitely be back for more. We sure made friends at this place!
Team Verde & The High Society

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