Coffeeshop Repelsteeltje Leeuwarden

Published on 25 February 2020 at 12:29

Coffee shop Repelsteeltje in the city center of Leeuwarden offers a real nostalgic experience. An old-fashioned large mansion stands tall above other buildings. You can't miss it, because in a magic font there is a life-size Repel stilt on the wall. The front door is a narrow round door, which is difficult to see through. Upon entering you actually stand on a sort of "landing" and you can either go up the stairs to the lounge area or you can follow the stairs down to get to the bar, where the magic spice is also served. The menu is exhibited on an artistic antique bookmark that has certainly been used to read music in the middle ages. At Repelsteeltje they offer a wide variety of strains and hashish so that every consumer gets his / her attention. Strange hybrid strains such as Gelato X Wedding Cake and Buddha Haze are no strangers there. Consumption is compulsory, this is mainly done so that almost everyone who enters is forced to show his / her face to the Budtender and to participate in social life for a while (sometimes a big task for the anxious stoner). But in this way it is also easier for staff to assess whether someone is older than the legal minimum age of 18. After receiving your order you take your products to the top where old solid oak tables and dark antique decorations make you think you were in the late 80s. In this rustic peaceful space there is no place for modern music or flickering screens on the wall. A piano, a wide selection of board games and conversations are the most prominent forms of activity in Coffeeshop Repelsteeltje. Although it is not our territory by the way, we would like to add that Repelsteeltje also serves as a Smartshop where you can also buy Magic Truffles. Although we do not add this to the review, we can imagine that Repelsteeltje is seen as the ideal trip setting for the seasoned psychonauts. The products are pre-packaged and are available in 1G portions or in ready-made € 10 or € 20 bags. The High Society Team is dazed, stunned and happy to leave this magical location, and they recommend Repelsteeltje to anyone who would like to add a magic touch to their smoke experiences.