Coffeeshop De Os Leeuwarden

Published on 28 January 2020 at 19:34

De Os coffee shop in Leeuwarden.

Her fame extends far beyond the borders of the Netherlands and always makes the stories true. De Os is one of the largest coffee shops that can be found in Leeuwarden. With a wide variety of Cannabis, hashish and a respectable selection of edibles, Coffeeshop De Os knows how to distinguish itself time and again from the other Coffeeshops in the region. Upon arrival you are usually immediately helped by the presence of 4 different cash registers. The quirky decorated counter holds a sample of each strain and variety that they have and you can determine at a glance which strain you are taking home. It is also clearly indicated which strains indica or sativa are dominant. The staff leaves nothing to be desired with regard to service. From freshly squeezed juices to hot chocolate with cocoa powder and whipped cream, De Os makes it its mission to make its guests feel at home. De Os has two floors with more than enough seats and exercise space and the more than sufficiently trained staff can tell you everything about their products what you want to know. A nice detail about Coffeeshop De Os is that it presents itself as a real fire, from different variations of eye-catching paintings and art objects that have an Ox or "cow-like" theme as their subject, to coffee cups with an artistic Ox depicted on it, no lack of merchandise and branding. With its well-arranged layout and warm decoration, De Os has created one of the most attractive and warm homes for every stoner looking for a safe haven to get high and a place for its high quality and infallible service on the High Society list of certified Cannabis companies. For every passionate Stoner, De Os is highly recommended and a must try when you're in the area.

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