Frequently Asked Questions


What happens with my personal details?

Your personal details are temporarily stored on our webhosts server. Without your explicit permission we can't see your personal details except the one you filled in to apply.

What happens with my donation?

Your donation is used to organize Cannabis Events trough out the world to raise awareness about the beneficial properties of Cannabis as well as the end of Cannabis prohibition. Also will your donation be used to re-invest in the foundation, and invested in our social projects like the one society project. Unfortunately we can only receive Paypal donations which means we still have to pay 0.38 cents for every transaction that occurs.

Can everybody join the High Society?

Yes, you can join the High Society as a individual, but in order to receive our certificate and permission to carry our hallmark you have to have a certain affiliation with the Cannabis industry, outstanding activism, or a innovative invention. So as a sole person, you have to have put some form of special efford in the Cannabis Industry.

Collectives and bussinesses can always join but are asked to make a donation of €5,00,- This is not obligated to join the High Society Federation. 

If the High Society reaches out to you or your venture, the donation of €5,00 is not requested.

Will it costs me anything?

No only bussinesses or collectives are requested to make a donation of at least €5.00,-

What do i get for it?

Signing up with the High Society puts you in the frontlines of the battle. Saying we will invite you to join demonstrations, advocate in a proactive manner, and show your support for the end of Cannabis prohibition.

Also, being a member of the High Society will earn you the right to request a High Society Members card, with this card you can get various kind of discounts and promos with a great variety of our affiliated partners. Send a Email or fill in the contact form to apply for your High Society Members card. 


Can't find your question? 

Fill in the contact form and we will respond to your question within 48 hours!