About us

The High Society is a federation and collective on initiative of several Cannabis related parties or ventures with a likeminded opinion towards the global cannabis regulation proces.

By publising media and drawing attention to our cause trough networking we can try to reach more and more people to support our vision towards the free accesabillity of Cannabis on a global scale.


The high society Federation started off as a online community with as sole purpose; to connect the whole cannabis community on a global scale.

Soon the High Society Federation showed incredible potential to actually be a constructive and positive addition to the whole Cannabis industry.

The High Society Federation became a collective of people, brands, companies, dispensaries and activist movements that are like minded and on the same page when it comes to the standards of service and quality.

Trough our immense network we are capable of raising the bar time after time for all our affiliated partners so that together we can all make a change. Eventually, the community sets the bar.

By conducting on-the-spot assessments and outsourcing product testing to independent and experienced partners. We always offer our partners a fair, and cirital review.

Affiliated products with a positive outcome on their assessment will be awarded with a certificate of quality and service as well as a High Society quality hall-mark to prove their status and acknowledge the hard work they have done!

The High Society Federation is free to join for everybody who stands for regulated legalization of Cannabis and the end of Cannabis Prohibition on a global scale.

Businesses and collectives are asked to make an one time donation of at least 5€